6 Upcoming WhatsApp Features- New, Improved & Interesting

Whatsapp new exciting feature

With social media prominence being on an all-time high, people are dependent on their smartphones and its various applications. Among such applications, WhatsApp is one that, since long has been a favourite among users with a constant perpetual presence felt in the market. WhatsApp is a global phenomenon! Everything these days is on WhatsApp interface, be it social, professional, personal, spiritual. There are millions and millions of users who are vividly & happily using this application.

WhatsApp recently launched stickers and they were a huge hit. Post that, due to their increasing popularity and demand for new stuff, the makers are now working on 6 upcoming attention-grabbing features. According to reports, these versions are as of now available for beta version but will soon be accessible for all users. Read up and decide whether these are a hit or a miss for you.

1) Dark Mode

Similar to a phone’s night mode, this one shifts to the darker background so as to enable a user to chat conveniently at night. A dark background puts less strain on eyes, especially in the minimum light surrounding.

WhatsApp Dark Mode
Image: TheLiveMirror.com
2) Private Reply Feature

This one is interesting. Through it, now you can message a person of a group privately without any other person knowledge. Well, we had personal windows for that one, but still, let’s wait and use this one first to realise its necessity.

Whatsapp Private Reply Feature
Image: WaBetaInfo
3) Vacation Mode Feature

Ah! Finally, one mode which is much needed in our stressful environment. As the name suggests, this one will enable WhatsApp users to turn off ringtone and be completely silent and enjoy the calmness when out on holidays. As of now, this feature is being tested on Android and iOS platforms and shall be offered soon. The main aim of this feature is to give its users a much deserving break and also keep the option of retaining the messages in the archive which can be accessed as soon as vacation mode is turned off. This feature will be below Show Preview option in Notification Settings.

Whatsapp Vacation Mode
Image: WaBetaInfo
4) Linked Social Media Account

As the name suggests, through this feature, now you can link your social media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and more. With it, you can access all your information and notification at one place. It will help in recovering accounts and keeping a check on all accounts from one place.

Whatsapp Linked accounts
5) Silent Mode Feature

Available for Android users as of now, and helps in hiding the mute chat badge. According to WaBetaInfo, If your show notification feature is on, then WhatsApp will show you all messages especially unread ones in a separate window repeatedly. With this feature, you won’t get a notification on your silent chats. Less hassle! Also, this one is a default feature.

Whatsapp Silent feature

6) Inline Image –

This is not something new as inline images of WhatsApp messages has been available since long but the makers are now testing the new version in which whenever you get a new message the notification window will pop up and it can be collapsed or expanded.

With so many new features rolled out, WhatsApp is ruling its reign with superiority and I think will continue to do so in near future! Whether these features are YAY or NAH, well, let’s wait and use & see!

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