7 Easy Ways to Stay Healthy in Winters

Stay healthy in winters

The advent of November brings light winters with itself. There is gently chill breeze all around the world. In mountain regions, snowfall has already started that chills the plateau regions quickly. November, December, January is observed as the coldest months of the season. Naturally, the days become smaller and it gets dark early. This season is perfect for the cultivation of rice and vegetables like cauliflower, green peas, and capsicum. This season is loved by all humans because it cheers all; it is the best season to enjoy after summers and monsoon. Most of the schools have winter vacations. Other living creature goes in hibernation zone and does not come out of there shell. Winter season supports digestion properly; hence you are allowed to eat everything without thinking twice. Few health conditions are related to this season particularly.

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We provide you with the best guidelines to keep yourself fit in the winter season and enjoy at your best.

Tips to stay fit in winters-

Intake of seasonal fruits and vegetables-

this is the season of oranges and guavas to eat. Serve grapefruit and kiwifruit at your breakfast table. Carrot, cabbage, broccoli are best suited to your health in winters. Have soups in at least one of your meal.

Be active-

in winters we all feel cosy and likes to stay in blankets at home. Getting out of bed gives the feeling of punishment. SAD (seasonal affective disorder) is attached with winters. But you need to get a routine with exercise or workout to keep yourself fit. Walk instead of taking a lift.

Take nutritious diet-

It is observed that your skin gets dry in this season. And there is a lot of hair fall. So to avoid these two problems take high nutritious food. Take rich carbohydrate, vitamins. Do not Tempting food just try to balance all nutrition. Take protein, fibres, vitamins b, c, d, e carefully.

Take tea-

Many of us are tea lovers. According to a report people who drink tea on regular basis, their blood vessels becomes healthier and risk of heart disease lowers. So you can take green and dark tea to enjoy winters. Ingredients of green and black tea have flavonoids and antioxidants effect in them.

Drinking water will diminish all problems-

Keep yourself hydrated with drinking enough amount of water. Summers keep reminding us of our thirst, but in winters we don’t feel the need to drink water all the time. The hydrated body will keep your skin healthy and flushes out toxic waste out of the body.

Omega 3 fatty acid-

This fatty acid is very useful in reducing joint pains, and stiffness. They also decrease depression. You can take fish, plant seeds, nuts since they are rich in omega fatty acid.

Special spices of winter-

Cook with onion, garlic, ginger. They will not only add taste to your dish but will also keep your immune system strong. Curcumin, the spice helps to combat heart problems and is a powerful antioxidant.

These are definitely worth trying to keep oneself fit and healthy in winters.

Just try these home remedies.

Stay Healthy & Keep Giggling!

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