7 Spookiest Hollywood Horror Movies to Binge On…

“A chill runs down my spine, I am pale & scared, yet I stare in doubt.

I can see flashes, the fright of unknown,

Now all I can do is close my eyes & scream & shout.”

– Any Horror movie buff

The creaking door, the pitch-black surroundings, the haunting chills, the dramatic sounds, shrills & shrieks, sporadic sightings of the ghost….and the blood-curdling fear! Yes, I am talking about gruesome horror movies. And Hollywood has a lot of such petrifying movies in its kitty.

If you want to binge watch horror movies, then this is your to-watch list. But don’t try and watch these scary marvels alone. It’s not for faint-hearted. They are not ranked anyway, simply listed for you to get started. And NO spoilers!

Start your daunting adventure now.

1) The Exorcist (1973)

Released almost four and a half decades ago, this one still finds its place in every spooky movie list ever. The acting of the movie’s 12-year old demon-entrapped exorcism-undergoing girl is shivering. The scenes will haunt you every time you see a young girl.

2) The Conjuring 1 & 2 (2013/2016)

The story is based on true events. It’s about a family who have spine-chilling encounters with spirits at their farmhouse. Spooky right! The sound & visual effects are so realistic and gripping, that many people regard it as the scariest movie ever.

3) The Annabelle (2014-2019)

I can guarantee once you watch this one, you would be terrified of dolls. A vintage doll, satanic cultists, weird happenings… a perfect combination for frightening anyone. There were mixed reviews from viewers about this one but still the idea of a demonic doll was scary enough for many. The story of the series is lined with The Conjuring series. Double scare ahead!

4) The Grudge Series (2004-2009)

Based on Japanese movies, Ju-on, The Grudge is again a bonanza for horror movie lovers. A staple of the horror genre binds the audience with its electrifying story and the level of spooky is very high. The series is about a curse created in a house by a deceased family and the way it hampers anyone who comes in contact with it. The curse is more of a deadly spreading virus here. Don’t watch this one alone…

5) The Shutter (2008)

A remake of a Thai film, this supernatural holds its position not only in spookiest movie lists but also at the box office. With earnings of 6 times its budget, this one is known for its unique story and also the bewildering terrifying ending. Nope, no spoilers…

6) The Nun (2018)

This year’s scariest movie finds its place in the list because of viewer’s choice. This gothic supernatural film will make you shriek, hide, jump scare and yet nervously hold on your seats. The movie earned copious laurels and it was evident all over the social media.

7) The Blair Witch Project (1999)

This one deserves a special mention. A chilling horror nail-biting movie shot entirely on a handy-cam. The effects and picturization are all realistic, that’s what makes it more convincing and daunting. Such technique was later followed by many movies including Paranormal Activity series.

While there are many more, but I am sure these ones will placate your horror pangs.

Enjoy the creepiness & spookiness!

Happy Binging!


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