This Valentine’s Day, Play Hide and Seek with Bajrang Dal with these 8 Hideaway Tips!

Hideaway Tips from Bajrang Dal
Source: PTI

You love someone?! Great! Plan to spend Valentine’s Day with your beloved? Amazing! But how? Well you can’t until and unless you have a secret stealth mode!

Around the world, ‘Love’ is a game of feelings and romance. But in our country, it’s a game of secrecy – hide & seek. No! Not the notion of hidden feelings and seek the love, instead hide and seek not only from the non-approving society but from the Bajrang Dal as well.

Valentine’s Day mushiness is all around. Lovey-dovey couples doing endless PDA (Public Display of Affection) and also loners yearning for their part of warmth. Well it’s ruthless! As if cupid has struck everyone with this deadly romantic virus which spreads irrepressibly! You guessed it right, I’m not a fan of Valentine’s Day! My only logical question– why just one day of show of affection and not wonderful gestures the year around? Anyway, but what bugs me more than this plague of love is the behaviour of our very own Rowdy Gangs of moral police (read Bajrang Dal).

Yes, it’s that time of the year, when we get to see these groups out of hibernation and protesting in the name of moral & ethics, which by the way, I think they should be doing all year along, for the right causes. Few years back, your neighbourhood gossiping aunties and relatives used to be your love-life’s biggest enemy. Now that ‘poking the nose’ business has been eagerly taken up by the Bajrang Dal.

They counsel, thrash, bully, threaten or torture the young lovers unnecessarily. Moreover the threat this year is – straightaway marrying the couple, if caught. Sounds good if you aren’t able to convince your folks, just be out on Valentine’s Day and let the moral police do the needful!

One needs to have a stealth mode on for this bloody love fest! A celebration outside is as unsafe as a mine laden barren land. It’s like those video games- a mission in the enemy-territory, but only in real life! “For true love, I’ll face anything! “Sounds good in movies. Not when you have to face a mob.

Well, I feel your pain! You truly are madly & deeply in love with someone but can’t spend a ‘special’ day together. Anyway here I have a few hideaway tips which might help you-

1) Stay indoors – Have that planned date at your place, in the secrecy and safety of your home. Whether these groups are anti love or anti lovers or anti PDA, we don’t really know. Why take that chance?! Stay indoors and cherish the moments together.

2) Choose the technological path – Online day on 14th February sounds a better idea for us millennials. Video call the whole day with no complications at all.

3) Fine Dine – Instead of meeting in a public place and facing the music, go the fine dine way- public yet private! Bonus- Bouncers!

4) Not today guys – Celebration is a celebration be it a day prior or a day late. Celebrate your love some other day when there are no search parties out there for you love-offenders!

5) Groupies – Have a group date! Make your mob! The idea of communal date sounds tad bit unromantic, but it’s surely safe!

6) Plan that outing – If your city seems to have the moral police issues, take a break and go on a romantic getaway to anywhere else in the world.

7) Choose non-conventional places to meet – If the idea is just to meet & exchange gifts, try to meet at bank, supermarket, hospital or temple, no one will doubt your medical or religious beliefs. And if you happen to encounter Bajrang Dal there, simply play & pretend!

8) Be the universal brother – Worst case scenario, guys, tie a Rakhi and roam around! That’s one security band no one messes with.

Show your love, cherish each other!

“Celebrate each other any day, barring the Valentine’s Day!

Or else, you might just be caught by the ethical gang,

And married off by the end of the day!”

Spread the love! Spread the Giggle! Share away…

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