Alien Activity Spotted… Read up to know the real story!

UFO in Sky

“Always look up, you never know when you see a UFO!”

Well, Jokes apart, this kind of situation always stays in one’s back of the mind. Scientifically proven or fiction, courtesy our Bollywood & Hollywood industries, and impressionable images of alien like Jaadu’s and ET’s, we all are firm believers of life outside the universe.

Extra-terrestrials is like an inventive territory for all! We don’t know how aliens look or behave but we surely love to envisage them and their characteristics. But are such sightings for real or merely fake?

Alien dummy statue

Records show a few sightings that complete all parameters of check and confirm being something non-definable yet true to its core. It’s not a single country or continent’s phenomena rather it’s a universal marvel. With many countries, now actively researching and compiling their findings of UFOs, it has certainly reignited people’s interest in UFO’s and ET’s. Few of such reported cases are proven to be correct and few counterfeit – an act to gather attention from media and at social media at large.

Anything related to sightings of UFO’s surely excites one and all, and we all look for reasons to believe in these mystic activities. A very recent one in the records, concerning to catching a glimpse of a UFO.

Our much known Prime Minister of India- Shri Narendra Modi’s office received a panic mail from a man who lives in Pune. It was about a rare alien and some extra-terrestrial activity that happened outside his home. Fearing that the matter is of national security, the mail was forwarded as soon as possible to the government of Maharashtra. The local police started their investigation, which revealed astonishing results. This case was neither true nor was fabricated for social media attention as thought.

Alien, hiding behind tree


Rather, the complainant from Kothrud was found to be mentally imbalanced because of a brain haemorrhage he had suffered. What he saw and perceived as an alien activity, was merely some kind of light on trees. But he was so sure of what he saw, that he mailed the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) without consulting anyone at all…

Truly, a bizarre incident but it certainly reminds us of our fascination for aliens and their world. Till the time, there is no valid ground-breaking confirmed news about UFOs and extra-terrestrials, keep your enthrallment levels on an all-time high, hopes up and eyes open. You never what happens where and what you see…

“If aliens visit us, the outcome would be much as when Columbus landed in America, which didn’t turn out well for the Native Americans.”   – Stephen Hawking

Well, until then,

Happy UFO spotting and Keep Giggling!!

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