Anup Jalota To Do Jasleen Matharu’s Kanyadaan

Anup Jalota’s eviction made huge controversy. He made it clear that his Jodi with Jasleen was just to drive audiences’ interest towards the show. He claimed Jasleen used’ him for the show. Bigg boss season 12 started with a different theme of Vichitra Jodi with commoners and celebrities this September. The Jodi which took away all the limelight was of Anup Jalota and Jasleen with entering the Bigg Boss house 12.  

Anup Jalota is a devotional singer and musician whereas Jasleen is his student, is also a singer, performer and an actor, born and brought up in Mumbai, she has also done many stage programs with famous rock singer Mika Singh. This Jodi was the talk of the town because of the age factor of both the contestant before they entered the BB house. At the premiere of BB 12 Salman Khan, the host of the show also asked the question on their relationship with each other where Jalota said Jasleen is learning music from him. The two are rumoured to be dating.

Anup jalota holding hand of jasleen matharu in bigg boss

In the beginning, Jasleen was seen revealing secrets about their relationship with other contestant and making meals for her alleged lover and dressing up for him. Furthermore, she showed a lot of care for the singer and indirectly made clear that both are dating. Later in the show where a task was planned to sacrifice things to save oneself from nominations, Jasleen denied forgoing her makeup and clothes to save Jalota from Kaal-Kothari. However, this task made jalota really upset and both parted their ways.

Anup jalota with jasleen matahru

Sooner they patched up and a romantic date was set up by BB house for this particular jodi where both were seen enjoying and getting cosy. Outside the Bigg Boss house, Jasleen’s father never supported this relationship.

anup jalota pampering jasleen matharu

Just after the fake eviction of Jalota, was sent to a secret room where he could see all the activities of the housemates. Jasleen was seen enjoying with Sourabh and Shivashish. Anup then stepped in again and advised Jasleen to play with all her senses. Again there relation ride started with less accelartion, but last week Anup got evicted from the show.  In the latest interview, Jalota unveils lesser-known facts to media. Jalota said there was no romance between him and miss Matharu. Moreover, he disclosed that Jasleen was supposed to enter alone but her father requested him to join her as jodi of purely a teacher. Further, Jalota added that Jasleen has used his name to gain fame from his popularity. After accusing Jasleen, he said- She wanted to ride on my popularity which she did. I am a very positive person and I feel if I can help someone, I should. If she has used me for the platform, I am happy that she succeeded in doing that.” And when Mathuru’s father asked Jalota about the truth he made it crystal clear that it  was his daughter’s decision to which her father replied Let her come out of the house, I will teach her a lesson.”

anup jalota with jasleen's family

Jasleen and Jalota faked their relation to hook up the audience. It is seen that in every season there is a fake couple be it Puneesh Bandagi or Mona Manu. Jasleen and Jalota never coordinated with each other and shown off their relation as the perfect one.

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