Celebrities who are Real-life Warriors & slayed the Cancer-Demon

Celebrities Cancer Survivor

With cancer being the second most common disease in India, there are, undoubtedly, a lot of people who have suffered, endured or defeated this grief-stricken disease. Statistically talking, it’s perpetually on a rise, there were 3.9 million cases in 2016 alone!

Celebrities aren’t even spared from this horrible disease. Instead of sulking, they announce their conditions to help create awareness and help people fight and defy cancer.

With an indomitable spirit and determination to fight against the utmost tragedy of their lives, here are a few celebrities who believed that – there is a ‘can’ in cancer, and emerged as winners.

1) Yuvraj Singh –

Yuvraj Cancer Survivor

Riding on the high of winning World Cup in 2011, energetic cricketer Yuvraj Singh was diagnosed with Lung Cancer. After a series of treatment sessions, he resumed the blue jersey in end of 2012. Commendable indeed! (Photo: Facebook)

2) Manisha Koirala –

Manisha Koirala Cancer Survivor

The ravishing ever charismatic actress of hits like Dil Se, Bombay etc. was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer at the age of 42. Even while undergoing chemotherapy, she didn’t stop shooting and emerged as a cancer survivor. (Photo: Instagram)

3) Lisa Ray –

Lisa Ray Cancer Survivor

She was diagnosed with Myeloma (a type of blood cancer) in 2009. After a gruelling fight for over a year, she appeared back on social circuits, healthy and victorious! She is cancer free as of now, as her disease is treatable but not curable. Power to her! (Photo: Instagram)

4) Anurag Basu –

Anurag Basu Cancer Survivor

Barfi, Gangster director Anurag Basu, was diagnosed with acute promyelocytic Leukaemia (a kind of blood cancer) in 2004. His journey talks about his undying spirit – his doctors gave him a 3 month ultimatum, but he fought the cancer for 3 years and won the battle like a true warrior. Kudos! (Photo: Facebook)

5) Barbara Mori –

Barbara Mori Cancer Survivor

Gorgeous actress of movie, Kites, was diagnosed with cancer the same year her movie released, 2010. Fortunately it was detected at early stage and she was cancer-free same year itself. (Photo: Instagram)

6) Mumtaz –

Mumtaz Cancer Survivor

An attractive and timeless ravishing actress from 60s, cancer hit her when she was 54 years old. Diagnosed with breast cancer, she underwent many treatment & surgeries but never gave up. After a long fight, today at 66 years, she is cancer free and is living a healthy life.

And on the other hand are a few, whose cancer-fight is still on! These warriors are not letting their illness define them, instead they are making it big with their courage and strength.

Sonali Bendre – Metastatic Cancer

Sonali Bendre fighting with cancer
Photo: Instagram

Irrfan Khan – Neuroendocrine Cancer

Irrfan Khan fighting with cancer
Photo: Instagram

Tahira Kashyap –  Breast Cancer

Tahira fighting with cancer
Photo: Instagram

Rakesh Roshan – Throat Cancer

Rakesh Roshan fighting with cancer

Kamaal Rashid Khan – Stomach Cancer

Kamal Rashid Khan fighting with cancer
Photo: Facebook

Cancer is indeed a ruthless disease, it affects not just the patients but their friends & family too. If you happen to know any cancer patients around you, support them & help them!

On this World Cancer Day, let’s take an oath to spread awareness about cancer and help cancer patients & their families! In this world, where 17 people die of cancer every minute we cannot let cancer win!

“Cancer may have started the fight, but we shall finish it!”

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