Pre-Election Foray- New Criteria for Reservation announced!

    Union Cabinet discussing Criteria for reservation

    While a major chunk of the country is fighting and trying hard to do away with reservation caste or creed systems at all, our government recently announced a new reservation for “upper-class poor segment” of the population.

    Because of this reservation based on caste & creed system, the harsh reality of our country in today’s scenario is simply disappointing! As the whole world is working relentlessly to prosper and toiling to be forward, here in our motherland, people are just eager to become backward! When the proficient youth of our nation is busy in attesting themselves as backward, how is it possible for our country to develop and improve?! 

    “A bane for the development of Indian society, reservation is not only diluting the quality of education but hampering the progressivism of our country as well.”

    Any which way, talking about the new quota, it surely came as a surprise for one and all. In general, people are worried about its social and political repercussions and calling it an election gimmick or a pre-poll surgical strike of the ruling party, BJP. The bill which has been moved in Lok Sabha is very likely to be approved in the Parliament in a day or two.  

    Do you or not fall under this affected lot for 10% reservation in poor upper caste? Here are the complete criteria for reservation!

    To be in this bracket, you need to-

    • Have a household income of less than Rs 8 Lakh a year.

    Well, in reality around 127 crore Indians earn less, that’s at least 95%. Count your odds.

    • Have agricultural land of fewer than 5 acres.

    Around 86% of landholders in our country fall in this category.

    • Have a smaller house than 1000 square feet.

    In our country, 1000 square feet for a house is actually a big luxurious figure. In actuality, at least 80% of households have houses smaller than 500 square feet.

    • Have a residential plot smaller than 100 yards in a municipality, &/or
    • And in case of a non-notified municipality, a residential plot of fewer than 200 yards.

    A big-ticket move from Modi government, this quota covers reservations in central jobs and all educational institutions to economically weaker sections from-

    • Upper castes and other castes and communities
    • Muslims & Christians included
    • Other than SCs/STs and OBCs 
    • Few castes benefitted- Brahmin, Thakur, Bhumihar, Kayastha, Baniya, Jaat, Patel, Gurjar among many others.
    • All these people did not get any quota benefits to date.

    While this move has received mixed reviews, supporters are welcoming it saying that now practically everyone is covered by 1 or another quota and no one is left hanging. People opposing it are condemning about the youth’s growing dependency on reservation rather than skill and one’s own talent. 

    Not just the political parties but even the country’s celebrities and common men have voiced their opinions, for and against, on social media. #Reservation is prevalent and has caused an uproar on Twitter. Check out a few- 

    Only time will tell the consequence and acceptability of this huge change. Whether it was a good or a bad decision, well, let’s wait & watch!

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