Eccentric yet Enthralling Diwali Decor Ideas

Diwali decor ideas

India is a land of festivities, colour & grandeur. And among the joyous occasions, the most awaited one is undoubted, DIWALI. It is a pompous gala of happiness, harmony & lights that is filled with positivity, love, sumptuous sweets and gifts. Not only we all religiously welcome Goddess Lakshmi and prosperity & wealth in our lives, but also enjoy this sheer bliss with our friends & family.

With Diwali around the corner, apart from being busy cleaning your houses, I am sure you must be scratching your minds for idiosyncratic yet mesmerizing Diwali decor ideas for your heavenly abode. Well, check out these following ideas and I can guarantee that they shall leave your guests flabbergasted.

Let there be light-

This fiesta of lights is surely incomplete without the sparkling hue of illuminations adorning the house. Hanging a few mere strings of lights outside the house is definitely a boring idea. Why not jazz it up?

String lights

There are many kinds of lights in the market, search for something unconventional, rather than boring. For example, you can buy these unique star-shaped lights, paper cube strings or even Diya-shaped.

Lights everywhere

Not just the outdoors, put light strings indoors as well. It can be on your room’s walls, curtains. Or create a corner, take a dry branch, paint it and hang lights on it. You can make a small piece for your table vase or a big one for a room corner.

DIY lamps

Be creative with DIY (Do It Yourself) lamps from paper or recycled stuff. Try making these bottle lamps. They are great to look at and can easily be made with things available at home.

Paper lamps

Hang many colourful paper lamps individually scattered or all together. You can buy colourful paper lamps or make them yourselves. To quirk it up, adorn your paper lamps with flowers, garlands or sequins. They look gorgeous and elegant and can be put indoors as well as outdoors too.

Scented Candles & floating candles-

Fill in your home space with candles. Scented or unscented, white or coloured, wax candles or LED candles, they work their magic and spread instant cheer and uplifts the mood of the surrounding. Try collecting candle stands & votive for exquisiteness. Buy a decent URULI (large vessel typically made of brass, can be used for decoration) and simply with water, flowers and floating candles, and voila, a piece of art!


Colours can make anything awe-inspiring-

Not just lights, Diwali decor can be colourful too. Deck up your abode with colours as they are an epitome of festivity and vibrancy.


Be it colour powder, pulses or flowers, a rangoli adorning the entrance of a house works magically. For the eccentricity, place potted planters around the rangoli and decorate it with LED tea-lights.

Change your house’s furnishings

Pump up the tone of the house with colourful furnishings. A pop of colour with new curtains or cushion covers can change the look of the house. After all its festival time! Go bold, use sequins and play with bright shades.

Decorate with an edge! Go Quirky this Diwali!

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