Foldable Smartphone, Samsung’s New Launch of the Year

Samsung's Foldable Samrtphone

Samsung is popular for its new innovative designs for technologies. And they always try to bring new things to the market. In 2013, Samsung brought its first-ever flexible OLED. And now they are launching the first-ever foldable smartphone. Actually, it is a tablet and it can do multiple tasks at the same time. It is a very good approach to technology where space is limited. And this launch is going to be the solution to that problem. Samsung will launch it in Samsung Developer Conference which will be held in November.

User Using Samsung's Foldable Phone

Mr DJ Koh who is the CEO of Samsung Mobile Division said to that this is a multi-tasking unit and it can be folded according to the convenience and the product is absolutely real. It is also a kind of masterstroke by the Samsung regarding their competition with Huawei to launch the first foldable smartphone. It will have the flexible OLED display too. They are removing the 3.5 mm headphone from its configuration. Instead of that, these phones support the USB type C headphones. And Samsung company will supply the 3.5 mm Type C dongle too for the customer’s convenience.

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At first, they will ship 1 million smartphones at a go. And then they will note the popularity meter. If everything goes right, they will go for making more phones of this kind. And the price of this awesome phone will be around 1,20,000 rupees. The initial production volume for this product will be very high according to the features and its demand. This foldable phone is going to be made along with the 5G variant of the famous Galaxy S10. The phone will have a 7.4-inch display which will make a good show for the phones to the customer when the phone is unfolded. And this display will be 4.6 inch when it will be folded like all other normal smartphones.

The phone Samsung is launching is going to change the whole picture of technology among the common people because folding the phone is not considered ever by the people. So it is totally a new cool for the people. So if this technology gets launched soon, then the people will surely go crazy about it. And the whole scenario of technology will change remarkably. And this is going to be a very important innovation for the history of technology.

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