Gulp everything without tension : Tips to avoid weight gain on Diwali

Indian festivals are not limited to any religion, but they are full of joy and enthusiasm and are sources to mix all culture together with harmony. And if we talk about the festival of lights then sweet dishes, mouth-watering snacks are something that completes them. Diwali, the festivals of light bring out traditional deep fried snacks with delicious sweet dishes. Now if there are such dishes made by your loved ones who are going to eat them. So eat everything, say no to nothing at least not on this Diwali, because festival is all about eating getting ready and enjoying around. Today’s generation is more health cautious and gym friendly at the same time festive desire conquers their mind.  

This Diwali doesn’t stop your taste birds from licking delicious food, just keep in mind few tips to eat without hesitation of putting on weight.

Drink enough water-

Food and dishes made on this festival have more of carbohydrate in them. So the intake of carbs increases for these days, as a result, you need to give proper attention to drinking a good amount of water. Less water and more carbs make a condition of water retention in the human body. Water retention collects water in organs and swells them up. This arises when your body has a deficiency of minerals. Apart from this if you drink enough water you’ll definitely feel less hungry, with this you’ll save yourself from eating much.

Less carbohydrate; more protein

Eating what your heart says is not wrong but it should have less quantity of carbohydrate. Dishes prepared for Diwali celebration have more carbs. So what to do? Here is another tip whenever you get a chance increase protein. It has a simple calculation that if you will eat more of protein automatically quantity of carbs will diminish. For protein eat almonds, paneer, broccoli, mushroom, etc. if you are non-vegetarian take eggs, fish, or chicken.

Sleep for minimum 8 hours

If you can’t eat less then sleep properly. Do not compromise your sleep for anything. Enough sleep is a crucial part of dieting. Improper sleep effects energy and sugar level and increases your hunger.

Do not ignore exercise-

Preparation of festival often makes you ignore your exercise and morning walk. Don’t avoid exercises. As soon as you wake up to walk around your house at least and do a bit of exercise to charge your body. 20-minute high intensity is sufficient to balance your overeating at the festival. You can also try yoga to keep yourself fit and healthy.

Avoid soft drink-

Usually, it is seen that after a meal soft drink or sodas are taken. We think consuming drinks would decrease acidity, but it gives opposite results.  Such drinks have more of sugar in it, so try to avoid them during festive. In place of soft drinks take lime water.

Follow these easy tips to have blasting Diwali.

Do not hesitate to eat your favourite dishes.

Have a healthy and nutritious Diwali.

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