HANDSHAKE, HUGS & CHEERS – How did these originate?

Responses of affection, express, ways to meet & greet – Handshake, hugs & cheers, are used by us on a daily basis. We all have had those awkward moments when we meet someone, give our hand for a handshake and the other person comes in with a hug! True, right?!

Let me break the myth! These gestures are not a millennial thing, as perceived by many. They are in fact as old as many. Do you know the history behind these bodily movements?

Handshake –

origination of handshake

A handshake, is your first impression, even before one starts speaking. A confident, crisp, firm yet hearty 5 seconds long handshake is ideal and can give away a lot about the person. It definitely sets the tone in a conversation. A gesture that is formal as well as informal, expressing gratitude to closing an agreement, & many more. Indeed so versatile!

“The impression you make on people through your handshake, influences how they feel about you!” 

But how did it originate? Eloquent ancient people developed this form of sign in as early as 5th Century BC. It was originated by Greek soldiers, as a gesture of peace by signifying that the hands hold no weapon. There are also few theories which speculate that it was introduced by people of Yemen.

Origin of Handshake

Hugs – 

origination of hug

We all love a good hug. Be it at the end of a tiring day or stressed out times, hugs are something that cures almost all. It’s a proven fact! A mere 20 second hug has the power to release oxytocin (also known as cuddle hormone). It reduces stress, heart rate & blood pressure. It elevates ones mood & induces happiness! What a way to get back to the groove, right?

A hug is a handshake, from the heart!

The actual origin of a hug is unknown but there are two strong theories. One, it was developed by Scandinavians, and was derived from word, hugga, which means to comfort. Another one by Germans from a German word, hegen, which means to cherish. These both philosophies, date back the 15th century and both signify a hug as a manifestation of love & care. 

Moreover, side hugs (half hugs) were introduced to check if the other person is carrying a weapon or not, a friend or a foe! 

Cheers – 

Origination of Cheers

A must to do at all get-togethers – say the toast, clink the glasses together, say CHEERS and sip! But why do we say Cheers at all, why not some other word? Ever thought about what does it signify? This act is connected with the notions of happiness & celebration. Moreover, it’s a bad omen to not sip your drink post saying cheers!

This gesture, has a lot of stories. The most believable – it was done in suspicions of poisoning and clinking of glasses together mixed up the drinks. Words cheers comes as a token of trust that we all are drinking, appreciating life, and mean no harm. Initiated in 17th century, cheers also meant showing gratitude to the hosting lady.

So cheers to health, wealth & happiness!

Use these gestures like you mean it! Spread the positivity & cheer!

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