How does Naseeruddin Shah concern for his country make him a traitor?

Naseeruddin Shah speaking that he is angry, not scared

Naseeruddin Shah gets enormously trolled for speaking truth about the reality happening around us! But Why?

Our constitutional right to speech gives us the freedom to express our thoughts freely and acquiescently. But in reality, are we really able to? Our right to freedom is belittled these days, all thanks to tweets, retweets and dislikes on social media sites.

Social media, in our country, is a powerful platform and is predominant. Through it, people not only stay connected and updated but end up conveying their opinions, judgements and ideologies too. But such statements are sometimes taken positively or at the time, face massive criticism. The list of people who faced denigration is extensive, and the new entrant is the veteran actor, Naseeruddin Shah.

Recently, Naseeruddin Shah expressed a few genuine concerns and some statements about forbidden facts in the present-case scenarios. Referring to an apparent incident of recent mob violence in Uttar Pradesh, Naseeruddin simply conveyed the sorry affairs of our country wherein the death of a cow is given more importance than a policeman! The actor said that the poison has already spread and it will now be difficult to contain! So pertinently said!

Check out yourself, what Naseeruddin Shah exactly said and what he meant!

An evidently angry esteemed citizen of our country, Naseeruddin Shah voiced his apprehensions over the Bulandshahr incident over cow slaughter and mob violence. Moreover, as a concerned worried father, he conveyed his trepidations of the well-being of his children Vivaan and Imaad, in the country present prima-facie.

All he said was pretty straightforward – “I feel anxious for my children because tomorrow if a mob surrounds them and asks, ‘Are you Hindu or Muslim?’ they will have no answer. It worries me that I don’t see the situation improving anytime soon. These matters don’t scare me, they make me angry. And I feel every right-thinking man should feel angry, not scared. This is our home, who dare evict us from here?”

Keeping true to his parts, of a vigilant citizen in the movie, A Wednesday, Shah wants us to ponder on imperative issues. But often what we say or mean, isn’t what the listener perceives. In Naseeruddin Shah’s defence, one should be responsible for what he says but not what the audience takes in. If he fears for his children’s safety in his own country, so does each and every parent of our nation.

Only because he voiced his fears, he now is facing massive condemnation on social media sites. Moreover, his trip and presence to Ajmer Literature Festival which he was supposed to inaugurate, got cancelled. These comments by the audience are discrediting, brutal and a few are simply mean. See for yourself –

And many more…

Such brutality! My only question- How does his concern for his country make him a traitor?

Think from his perspective and then be the judge!

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