Ultimate homage to the Indian Army: Man gets names of 560’s Indian Army martyrs inked on his body!

    Indian Army martyrs inked body saluting flag

    In this millennial world, getting a tattoo is no big deal. Even getting inked to proclaim your love is also done and dusted by many. But imagine a tribute, an act done to acknowledge and honour, not just one but many, valorous people. And by valorous people, I’m talking about the courageous brave-hearts – Indian Army Martyrs. Definitely high-time we recognize & appreciate such sacrifices, but this one is extreme!

    Meet one such ‘crazy’ patriot, Abhishek Gautam, who boasts of 593 tattoos on his back, out of which 560 tattoos are the names of soldiers, who laid down their lives for country & countrymen. This 30-year-old Delhi-man is an interior decorator by profession and hails from Hapur originally. An army fanatic, he fell in love with Indian army men’s nerve and courage, when one of his friend was saved by them during a trip to Ladakh. Indeed, a great way to express gratitude and pay tribute!

    Abhishek Gautam martyr tattoo body

    Along with Kargil War martyrs and the recent ones, he also has tattoos of historically famous people like Mahatma Gandhi & Bhagat Singh. To achieve this unachievable target, he put in sweat & toil, and researched for the names of the soldiers for a complete year. He, then, met the next of kin of a few soldiers to know about their story and also get the family member’s consent.

    Post that, Gautam met a tattoo artist in Delhi who designed the entire tattoo for him. Before undergoing the procedure, he consulted doctors too and all had suggested him not to go ahead with the process. Such a big tattoo is unquestionably a lengthy back to back process and there are chances that his body might react or catch a serious infection. But, Gautam’s determination remained untethered and he still went ahead with his idea.The procedure of getting inked itself took strenuous 8 days, with him bearing the pain for more than 6 hours a day! Moreover, none of his family members, including his wife, got to know of his intent. They learnt about his tattoos after almost 15 days. No doubt he’s a man of commendable spirit!


    abhishek gautam martyr tattoo body on kargil memorial


    In Gautam’s words – “These days, getting inked for loved ones is the maximum thing that can be shown as a gesture of love. People often tattoo the names of their partner but for me, the love for the country is beyond anything. The Indian Army is always there for us and there are many soldiers who have died for the nation. So getting their names inked on my body is a tribute for them. Moreover, nowadays, people’s patriotism is temporary. They get patriotic on 15th August, 26th January or during India-Pakistan cricket match. Else they are least bothered. I could not join the Indian Army but I want to feel patriotic every day. And these tattoos remind it to me every day!”

    What an incredible person with limitless grit & fortitude, to show his highest gratitude to our gallant Indian Army.

    We, at Gigglers Media, salute his patriotism!

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