7 Life Hacks Every Employee Must Learn from Kaamwali Bai

Kaamwali Bai

Can you imagine your household activities running well without a Kaamwali Bai?

Obviously, A big No… they have become an indispensable part of our lives, and of course, it has become a status symbol too. We are dependent on them either indirectly or directly for a smooth lifestyle.

Our Kaamwali Bai whether a cleaner or a cook teaches us lifelong lessons to be successful as an employee or as a manager. These maids are smarter than you could think of them to be. They exactly know how to get work done with minimum resources and give the best outcome, just the same as what bosses demand from their employees. 

Thence, there are few management lessons one must learn from Kaamwali Bai which will definitely benefit you and mould you as a successful employee.


Negotiation is something your Kaamwali is best at. She would give you a list of her activities with all terms and conditions mentioned along with the rate of every task with Diwali and Holi bonus. Different rates for each task from cooking, dishwashing, to dusting. And you would be left with no choice but to conform her, that is how it should be.


Kaamwali Bai is an expert of using the limited resource and give maximum output, for example with a thin soap bar she will wash all dishes for 3 days. This is the best talent of Kaamwali and employee must learn this tip from them to impress your boss. Using less resource and giving most to the organization.

Maintain Good Books

Maids are really good at making their PR. She would greet every individual residing in the house and ask query regarding the work. This is what you need to do at your workplace. This will definitely build up a healthy working environment and with this, you can maintain good relations with everyone around.

Never Overload Yourself

Sometimes playing dumb is also beneficiary, your Kaamwali Bai possesses this cunning attitude. With this you could divide work easily with co- workers at workplace. Sometimes you overload yourself with a lot of responsibility this would make you stressful while others may enjoy the situation.

Be Irreplaceable

Kaamwali Bai quickly takes up her position and become irreplaceable with her work. We start depending on her for numerous things, so try to develop such skills, which will increase your demand at the workplace with your talent. Make sure that your absence is felt.

Leave Approval

Have you ever wondered how smart your Kaamwali is in taking leave? She won’t ask for a leave instead she will start feeding in the head of the boss eventually. You ought to learn these tips instead of pleading around the boss.

Make An Updated Version of Yours

Kaamwali is well updated with the work and payments made by other houses. And she would try to raise salary according to the society and the prices offered. Same goes with employees, Make a point to learn what is going on in the industry and what your competitor’s plan is.

This tips will make you a better employee and will raise your value for sure.

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