People Are Sharing These Trending Memes on Statue of Unity

On 31st October 2018, Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled World’s tallest statue- The Statue of Unity. It is the statue of Iron Man of India- Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. PM Modi unveiled it on Sardar’s birth anniversary as a gratitude towards him for devoting his entire life to build the nation. While sharing the beautiful pictures of the statue, PM Modi wrote on Twitter, “On the banks of the Narmada stands the majestic statue of a great man, who devoted his entire life towards nation building. It was an absolute honour to dedicate the #StatueOfUnity to the nation. We are grateful to Sardar Patel for all that he did for India.”

The Statue of Unity is 182 metres high which is twice the height of the Statue of Liberty located in the United States of America. The second tallest statue in the world is Spring Temple Buddha situated in China which is 153 metre high.

Located on the banks of Narmada, in Gujarat, the statue was built in the budget of Rs 2,900 crore. While the hardcore Modi fans are in support of this project, a big section of citizens of our country are questioning it. People are curious to know as to why such a  big amount was used to build a statue while there were other significant things in the country on which the money could have been spent.

A twitter user drew a comparison of Acche Din in Gujarat and Acche din in Kerala.

Statue of Unity was the top headlines on 31st October and the subsequent day. Days have passed and the debate is still on and people are sharing some funny yet ironic memes on the social media sites.

Let’s have a look at some of them:

While the common man of India considers it a waste of money, PM Modi explained its significance by saying, “The Statue will stand high, not just in meters and feet, but much more in terms of academic, historical, national and spiritual values. My vision is to develop the place as a source of inspiration for ages to come.”

The statue is said to have provided employment to hundreds of workers, engineers etc. It will boost tourism in the area, thus generating income. However, the question arises is that why the money was not utilized to bring innovation in technologies, invest in medicine, education, science, agriculture etc. Farmers are committing suicide every other day due to their inability to pay loans. India has a shameful literacy rate. Our Indian Army is lacking bulletproof jackets and we are investing Rs 3,000 crores in building a statue.

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