Samsung Cheats Again- Calls a DSLR photo as its Smartphone’s Camera Product!

Photoshopped DSLR picture of Samsung
False advertising is not a good look, Samsung

While the technology industry is progressing at an alarming pace and burning the midnight’s oil to originate and implement new ideas, the rivalry among companies is on an all-time high. These companies are not only resorting to extreme measures and but at a time using cheat codes as well. The latest in the list of swindlers is Samsung. Although not for the first time!

Smartphone companies often puff their newly launched phones relentlessly. Advertisements, offers, features description and promoting the product’s features and what not! The trend with many smartphone companies nowadays is to publicize their camera power, pixel and picture quality. In order to do so, many companies swap their phone’s photos with DSLR ones and edit and publicise their quality. Although phone photos are very clear and depict a good-looking representation I have to say they are far away from their DSLR counterparts. Well coming back to Samsung, they took the same route. While promoting their new smartphone Galaxy A8 star in Malaysia, they ended up using a DSLR clicked the photo and portrayed it as their new phone’s result. Shame!

Samsung's Original vs Photoshopped

The claimant in the controversy is a writer and photographer, Dunja Djudjic. She discovered that Samsung Malaysia had procured one of her DSLR self-portraits. They heavily edited and photoshopped it and used it without her knowledge. The said image was used to promote the portrait mode on the new Galaxy A8 Star. Samsung says it rightfully bought the image through online portals and its use is legal, but passing a DSLR clicked image as of their phone is a total farce.

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Well the kicker, almost all of the phone companies do so! Huawei was recently in news for a similar incident. But Samsung is way ahead, as it was previously caught one more time for the same offence. Samsung Brazil was found guilty of passing off two stock photos as Galaxy A8 selfies. Moreover, they even went far to add the company’s watermarks conveying that it owned the pictures. Clever yet cunning!

While such a behaviour of a leading company like Samsung is offensive and in no way it can be regarded as a good business strategy. This kind of scenario also often lands the company in troubled waters. It not only affects the market but the consumers too at large. With such alluring products and often fake promoted information, consumer automatically falls in the laid trap.


Beware and read up everything before you buy anything especially gadgets. One should realise that mid-segment phones can’t perform as the company claims, a gap shall always be prevalent. Rely on user reviews, research, market response, critic reviews, do your homework and let not these multi-dollar companies fool you anymore.

Be diligent when it comes to gadget buying!

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