Move Aside Televisions! The Mammoth Samsung’s 219 inch Wall TV is here!!

Samsung 219 inch tv

In this millennial world, owning one television set, or more is no more a luxury but a necessity. The market is fierce and we, consumers, are definitely spoilt for choices. Raising the competitive level to a zenith zone is a Television set, that will make your jaws drop.

Recently, gadgets & technology giant, Samsung, played its trump card which has not only shaken the electronic appliance industry but gathered immense accolades from the consumers around the world. They unveiled the biggest mammoth size television set – a 219 inch TV. This monster is so accurately named as WALL TV and it shall surely live up to its title.

Samsung 219 inch tv

At The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019, Samsung announced a new range of products, among which was the astonishing, 219 inch Micro LED 4K TV. The Micro LED is designed to deliver a revolutionary viewing experience with pure black, true colour, amazing aspect ratio and epic clarity. Moreover, Samsung boasts of its Great Looks, Great Performance, Great Refinement, Great Colour and Great Black. Needless to say, but this colossal TV is dust-resistant, water-resistant, ESD (electrostatic discharge) safe, energy-efficient and is protected against external impacts.

Samsung says that The Wall promises “a true-to-life experience from any kind of entertainment, in any kind of venue, in any kind of setting,” and “really does allow you to build out exactly you’re looking for from an entertainment standpoint.” Its applications in the home might be mostly centred on films, games, or general ambience, but its flexibility could prove popular for business or entertainment venues as well.

They launched a similar MicroLED television last year of 146 –inch. And this year, along with the Wall TV, Samsung has announced a television set of 75 –inch as well, relatively a much more suited option for consumers. So overall, 3 options -75 –inch, 146 –inch & 219 –inch, for customers in the range of MicroLED 4K Television sets.

samsung the wall 219 inch tv

At the CES, Samsung also announced that its smart televisions will soon support voice commands from the digital assistants Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Users who own an Alexa- or Google Assistant-powered device can control media playback on their Samsung smart televisions. They are in collaboration with Apple as well.

Now coming to the main thing, the 219-inch Wall TV is as of now on a pre-order basis and is estimated to be around a whopping $100,000. Phew! That’s surely a lot.

So, start saving if this is your dream TV set.

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