Save Yourself From Digital Frauds by Simple and Effective Ways

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Digitalization has totally captured the market in all sectors even in banking too. Every now and then we use a debit/credit card to pay off the bill or use a bank account to make life easy going. It has not only made our life simple but also made our way to infinite frauds. Every day we hear news of some or the other fraudulent event taking place across the country.  Following a few tips will definitely prevent you from these frauds.

Here we’ll tell you 10 things that you should avoid by making some online financial transaction.

Don’t Save the Password with Gmail or Google Drive –

There is a default setting that whenever you make digital payment Google asks you to save your password, card information and other details with Google Drive or Gmail. Never accept such notifications. Lately, a man lost 1 lakh after his Gmail was hacked. Since his account was synced with a mobile number, hackers used 3 times his account in order to make a transaction.

Avoid Use of Public Computers System –

Try not to use public computers and PCs.  Make online payment only with personal laptops or PCs.

Auto Filling by the Internet can be Dangerous – 

Once you fill details in any form, the details are saved as auto. This is easier and saves time. But be careful with online transaction related forms and data. This will save you from numerous frauds.

Always Use Virtual Keyboard, If Available –

Now even the banks offer to use virtual keyboards instead of physical keyboards for entering passwords. So it is advisable too to use the virtual keyboard from keyloggers.

Use HTTPS Website –

Make sure you use https URL for making an online payment. This is a very basic tip.

Indispose International Payment while Moving –

2-factor authentications have been made compulsory by the Reserve Bank of India for the Domestic Transaction, same has been applied to International Transactions. For domestic transaction point-of-sale(POS), the PIN is used as 2FA, whereas for online transaction OTP is considered as a security layer. 2FA is not required in the International transaction.  Always keep in mind that if you have an International Credit Card, international usage is enabled by default. Hence if you are planning a trip abroad disable International transaction completely.

Scratch CVV Number from Cards –

Just memorize your CVV number and erase it from the back entirely. This will make sure that your card is not to be used by any unsafe hands. 

Sharing of Details is not Caring at All –

The most common way by which fraudsters take all your money is through the mail or phone calls. Never reveal the details of the card to anyone online no matter how urgent it seems to be.

Never Click on Bank’s Website via E-mail or SMS –

Say big no to these kinds of link send by E-mails or SMS. Enter URL of bank site yourself and browse safely.

Use official apps only –

Download official Bank Apps only. Recently Sophos Labs listed a few banks like SBI, ICICI, Axis, Citi have fake apps available on google play store. Data of thousands of customers got stolen by these fake apps.

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