Hard Work & Perseverance can never go futile! Shyam Babu: From Constable to Divisional Magistrate!

Shyam babu

Shyam Babu, a constable from Prayagraj (Uttar Pradesh) dreamt big and gave it all –his blood & sweat, time & energy, will & made his way. After serving for 14 years in Uttar Pradesh Police, Shyam Babu cleared UPPSC (Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission) examination with flying colours, and now he is all set to take up his new job as Divisional Magistrate.

Shyam Babu’s story is a real-life example of the quote -“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic. It takes determination, sweat & hard work.”

It’s true when we say that there’s no age to study and learn more and there’s no limit to struggle required to pursue your dreams. If one’s dedication and fortitude are high, no target is beyond reach.


shyam babu
Image: Amar Ujala

Hailing from small town Ibrahimabad near Baliya, Shyam Babu won the laurels with pure commitment. Such was his fortitude & sincerity that he would be working in the day and post work hours studying, burning midnight’s oil. This 33 year old meticulous man, worked his way through a lot of up & downhills. His financial stature isn’t strong, but he didn’t let that deter his ambitions. He borrowed notes, moved to a flat with students, self-studied and without any help of external coaching or help, he achieved his goal.

In today’s highly competitive world, fluent knowledge of spoken & written English is something which is regarded as one of the important aspect for any job. But Shyam Babu proved this misconception wrong too. Understanding English language, is no doubt important but not pivotal. Eventually what’s matters is the subject knowledge (current affairs & the chosen subject) and the efficiency to do well.

Shyam Babu is a role model for the young generation. His journey and grit lights the way for many PCS aspirants. He shared few tips for the aspiring candidates, they are-

  • Don’t fear the failure! Learn from it.
  • Don’t lose your mettle, give in your best always.
  • To crack any competitive exams, coaching isn’t necessary but the ability to self-study and willpower is essential.
  • Achieve the small goals first, big ones will be easier to conquer.

With all competitive, board and year-end examinations around the corner, we hope that this man’s story of hard-work and never give-up attitude would help and lead the students the right way.

We, at Gigglers, salute the fortitude and self-discipline showed by this wonder-man and wish him luck for all his future endeavours.

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