From Common to Crowned! Meet these Social Media Sensations who ruled 2018 like a Boss

Social Media Sensations 2018

We are living in the high-tech savvy yet dependent era. Not only we are technologically reliant but the whole of our life story is online and available there for all to see. Social media is a scrutinizing channel where one’s each and every action are seen, perceived and judged. Many times, such actions attract criticism and at times, appreciation and accolades. The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is just that little extra.

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Amid the ordinary and extraordinary, there are a few people known for their weirdness, or let’s call it as their desire to stand out and be something distinct. Such people with their eccentricity and distinctiveness get viral, become Social Media Sensations and have several fans & people admiring & following them.

Before we formally wrap up the year 2018, let’s take a look back at these 5 personalities who overturned their fate with their humble or hilarious actions, and are now known as Social Media Sensations.

1) Dancing Uncle – Cool & Confident Dancing Diva –

Leave your day job uncle, your real calling is just


Dancing uncle in different poses

Overnight Social Media Sensation, Srivastava uncle may look like your normal uncle from the neighbourhood, but behold, he sets the stage on fire with his energy, expressions and crisp amusing dance moves. With the ability to put even young ones to shame, Mr Srivastava gained followers and fans, when his dance videos came online a few months back.  

2) Chai Waali Aunty – Invites Viewers for a Cup of Tea

Hello Friends, Chai Pee Lo !!

chai waali aunty collage

While there are companies working their brains overtime to crack the code of going viral and getting the viewer hits, this aunty with his 0.5-megapixel camera has made it look as easy as a cup of tea with friends! The uniqueness of chai aunty is a league apart, hence the online attention. “Hello friends, chai pee lo!”  A puerile idea that god knows how works! See it for yourself!

3) Rakhi Sawant’s Hero – Deepak Kalal –

Modi ji, main aapko Puppy Dunga !

deepak kalal wearing bra

A social media Sensation who is all set to marry, or at times not marry, the controversy queen Rakhi Sawant. He is no less than Rakhi and is an equal in all the sense! With many videos in his kitty – from hilarious to adult content to videos with family members and  Kashmir backdrops, he is admired as well as trolled a lot. If the said marriage happens, he is surely be in limelight and in weird videos with his wife.

4) Priya Prakash Varrier – The Doe-eyed Damsel –

O Ladki Aankh Maare !!

Well known Social Media Sensation of 2018, as soon as her clip of a movie came out, viewers fell in love. According to Google, she holds her position strongly in the most watched celebrity list. As much as the nation went gaga over this south beauty and her expressions, there were a lot of funny memes on her doing rounds.

priya prakash with baba ramdev


5) Sandeep Bacche – VIP Rickshaw

King of Bandra 

The Coolest Autowala !!


Known as King of Bandra, this Rickshaw fellow is not like your regular auto guy. A philanthropist by nature, he took a different route to make his worth. His auto boosts of Wi-Fi, drinking water, First aid kit, LCD, weather & stock market updates, subsided rates for elderly and poor and a lot of generosity. If everyone could follow his ideology, no viewer would mind making it viral.

Social Media is a power- to mould, to teach, to advise & to make new trends. One should realise the power. Use that “Share” button carefully!

Until then, Keep Giggling!

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