Sometimes Friends & Sometimes Foes….Bollywood’s Evergreen Relationship Mantra

Salman Shahrukh watching Karan-arjun together

Bollywood is known for endless bouts of entertainment, songs, amazing scripts and action or romance. And not to forget, the phenomena of well-known scandalous relationships of the superstars. Be it the romantic angle, the friend angle or the enmity angle, they get similarly hyped up and notoriety. I think it’s safe to say that as long as the Bollywood movie industry goes on, these power struggles will be ubiquitous and evident for all to see.

If we talk about the most famous and controversial friends-foes relationships in the industry, the list is long! Priyanka Chopra & Kareena Kapoor Khan, Aamir Khan & Shah Rukh Khan, Bipasha Basu & Kareena Kapoor Khan, Sridevi & Jaya Prada, Amitabh Bachchan & Shatrughan Sinha…and the unforgettable much notorious Salman Khan & Shah Rukh Khan relationship.

priynaka-kareena collage Shahrukh-Aamir Amitabh & shatrughan drinking wine in a scene in bollywood film dostana

These rivalries are age-old phenomena! But the main reason, why we viewers come to know of these relationship equations – is just because of our ever active & vigilant social media. The scrutiny that these stars are under is enormous! Moreover, in this technologically-advanced era, their moves, their comments and their tweets are seen & followed almost instantly by one and all.

Check out the recent tweet by Salman Khan, reminiscing the golden days of the two megastars. This one has been the talk of the chatter town!

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Karan + Arjun … fond memories @iamsrk

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Salman Khan & Shah Rukh Khan have been in the industry since decades now and must have had numerous small or big ego clashes on & off over all these years. A constant rollercoaster ride – theirs has been a love-hate camaraderie! At the peak of their careers and between movies like Karan-Arjun and Chalte-Chalte, a lot was lost and rekindled. As their career graph rose and fell, so did their mutual companionship.

Shahrukh Salman in a fun mood

But all’s well that ends well! Now, both the celebrities are on the same page and in good books of one another. Often at events, these two are seen sharing a joke, hugging and shaking a leg together. With age, both have matured in not only their movie choices, acting skills but their general actions as well. We hope to see them giggling away always! And for the young generation, may they have a tad bit less stress and healthy associations with everyone around.

Salman-Shahrukh together joining hands
Image- Bigg Boss (Colors)

Bollywood is indeed a cavalcade for one and all. While the artists feel the performance pressure, verdict tension about their movies & ego hassles, we audience get to sit with a bowl of popcorn and enjoy the show and relish the gossip! How sad but true!!

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