The Real Unsung Superheroes: Indian Army Jawans Sleep Outside in -9 ° to keep citizens warm

    Indian army during rescue operation

    “Indian army is like a mother, does work selflessly like a mother and never asks anything in return.”

    Our country is blessed with a courageous and valorous set of gentlemen who stand tall in all sorts of catastrophes… our Indian Army! Be it natural calamities, war, our country’s peace and harmony under attack or just to keep the citizens safe and sound, these bravest men stand like a barrier withstanding any force at all.

    A lot of acts of the 1.4 million strong Indian Army have gone unnoticed in the past years but thanks to the active social media now, their recent humanitarian acts are now acknowledged and are also being applauded by one and all.

    The latest good will gesture of the brave-hearts happened on this 28th December, when the upper ridges of Darjeeling and Sikkim had experienced heavy snowfall. This tragedy left 2800 tourists stranded. Biting cold weather, completely cut-off from civilization and with no telephone connectivity, these travellers were left with little or no hope of survival. That’s when the incredible soldiers of the Indian Army sprang into action and started the biggest rescue mission in Sikkim’s history to help and save each and everyone from nature’s fury.

    A Jeep crosses through heavy snowfall on the roads
    Heavy snowfall left tourists stranded. Image via – ILoveSikkim

    The tourists were not only rescued but were provided with food and shelter too. Moreover, around 90 ill were taken to hospitals for further medical care.

    One of a tourist, Aryan Ahmad was rescued from Changu Lake. He expressed his gratitude and heartfelt thanks in kind words and a few pictures of the action.

    I am Proud to share these pictures of our Army, they rescued 2800 people from Changu/Tsongmo Lake and kept all peoples at their 17mile TCP camp. I was too present and was the victim of this sudden snowfall, when people had lost all hope of remaining alive, at around 6 PM our army launched a rescue operation whole night and rescued all the tourist who were trapped at Changu and nearby Maba Mandir. Now I really don’t fear, for I know our soldiers are alive and with us. They shared their bed, sleeping bag and all stayed outside in -9° just to keep us safe and alive, words are not enough to thank them for what they have done for everyone, I just wanted the people here and across the country to know, I am really very grateful to them.”

    Indian army on the rescue operation in heavy snowfall-

    Indian army on rescue operationIndian army during rescue operationIndian Army vacated barracks for those who rescued-Indian Army vacated barracks for those who rescued.Army officer making sure, all those who rescued are warm –Army officer making sure, all those who rescued are warmTourists thanking Indian army-Tourists thanking Indian army.Not only these men-in-olive green braved the risky weather, but they gave up their comfort for the sake of their countrymen. Such a selfless act deserves nothing but a salute!

    Such gallant acts by our soldiers is simply outstanding and prove their love for the country and the countrymen. As a service daughter and wife, I have seen these men working up close and I can vouch for it that in return, all these guardians look for is acknowledgement and respect.

    Show your love & respect “the soldiers” of our country – be it from any service of the stream. And don’t forget, they are toiling hard and enduring difficulties just to ensure our security and comfort.

    Be thankful to them. For, you are only because they are!


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