Foods You Thought Were Indian, But Are Not !

indian snacks samosa, jalebi & Gulabjamun

Talking about India and ignoring Indian food, snacks, and sweet dishes isn’t justness. India is known worldwide for its variety of cuisines and their flavour. Indian spices are exported around the globe just to get perfection in taste. Indian food is the talk of the town ever since the time of Raja and Rajwada’s. We have multiple food variety ranging from north to south and east to west. Indian cuisines are that popular that branch of different stores is being opened in foreign countries. There are numerous varieties starting from Gujrati, Rajasthani, South Indian, Bengali, Kashmiri, Mughlai, and Punjabi.

But let me make you aware of the fact that few mouth-watering dishes which we think originated from Indian are actually not Indian.

This article will inform you regarding the dishes that are adopted as a kid from different countries by India.

Let’s begin.


deep fried samosa in oil

It acts as an appetizer and the first meal taken by many students and office people has travelled very long from the Middle East and central Asia to finally India.

It was introduced by traders of Middle East in between of 13th and 14th century. Neatly folded and a deep fried dish is not at all Indian.

Even after coming from a foreign country, this appetizer has adapted local ingredients so well that it looks like an Indian dish. Originally, it was named as Samsa after Central Asian pyramids. It has gain popularity around the world, for example in Kazakhstan it is baked and has a thicker crust. It is served with both veg and non-veg in India and Pakistan fillings that tempt you up to lick your fingers.


Delicious rajma serve in a bowl with the toppings of onion

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One of the most loved and eaten dish by North Indians. This is a full meal of Indians and is mouth watering with just thought about it.

But guess what there is heart drenching truth about it that this delicious meal isn’t Indian by origin. Rajma is brought to India from central Mexico and Guatemala. This was the main meal for native Americans. This dish is served with Chutney and Anardana as extra supplements. The mesmerizing aroma of the dish having Indian spices and ingredients makes it yummier. Red beans are not only tasty but are antioxidants and contains cholesterol-lowering fibre. This dish is served at all the highways of North India.


Hot Gulab Jamun a bowl

One of the mouth melting desert of india has not taken birth in our own country.

Are you not curious to know then where did it came from.

They were brought to indian when Persian invaded india. It is originated as Arabic desert named luqmat-al-qadi and was popular in the Mughal period. The named turned to gulab (gul- flower, lab-water).

Gulab jamun are small waffle balls fried and dipped in sugary syrup. It is popular in our neighbouring countries too like Nepal, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.


Jalebi served in plate

Now you may have understood that even this desert is not indian.

Jalebi was introduced by 13th century again by Persian invaders. It was originally called zalabia in Arabic and zilabiya in Persian.

It is served with curd and rasmalai.

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