Tips & Tricks to Help you prepare for your Board Exams in 2 months!

CBSE Board exams tips & tricks

The crucial time is here! The inevitable dreaded few months before the Xth and XIIth Board Exams. Every year lakhs and lakhs of students study around the year, burn the midnight oil, with sweat and blood, to crack the code of Board Exams. One of the most decisive phases of anyone’s life, the results of these examinations shape and mould your path of career and life, at large. Also, check CBSE Date Sheet for Class X & XII

“Study while others are sleeping! Work while others are loafing!

Prepare while others are playing & Dream while others are wishing!”

To ensure maximum usage of time and knowledge retention, no last-minute hassles, unrequired stress and fiascos, relax and devote your time and energy positively. Follow these tips and tricks to give in your best and score well.

1) Set up a doable routine –

Studying strenuous hours or until you drop, just to cover the syllabus isn’t the way to go. One should opt for flexible hours and portions of syllabus rather than toiling ceaselessly. Know your limits and use them well. Odd timings and prolonged studying are worthless relatively. Believe in quality studying rather than quantity studying!

2) Fix a time-table –

Everything works well when it is defined by some routine. Study as per it suits you! Assign small portions of different subjects in a day, time to do nothing and retain what studied, sleep, interact and exercise. Rest is important! Take out time to rest as well as rejuvenate.

However, be consistent and follow the time-table to get maximum benefits. Fix up your day-to-day portions to be completed and try to finish it. Do not carry forward as it will just add on later.

3) Go back to basics –

Before you start reading up about the topic and deepening your knowledge, start afresh with the basics. To get maximum absorption, clear your basic data first! Then only you can understand the complex without wasting your precious time and energy.

4) Make brief pointers –

To know and revise well, make one-liner pointers of your important topics. These help you to understand and retain better. Moreover, it works as a quick aid for later revision too.

5) Don’t break your concentration –

As and when you sit to study, keep everything that is required next to you. Minimize the need to get up again and again as it breaks your concentration and the flow of study. Keep water, light snacks, stationery handy!

6) Work on your weaker link –

If your grip on a subject is tad bit weak, work on it. Give that subject an extra hour every day and special time. Find your mistakes and don’t repeat again. Be determined and you shall succeed!

7) 3P’s – Practice, Patience & Persistent –

Practice, practice, practice… no harm has come to anyone cause of excessive rehearses. It eliminates doubts, builds confidence and creates a strong holding of subjects. Keep patience and keep doing! And last but not the least be persistent in your studies. Solve as many problems and question papers as you can!

In the chaos & stress of the Board Exams, don’t forget to take care of yourself.

Eat well, Think well, Sleep well & Do well!!

We, Gigglers Media wish you very Good Luck for Board Exams & Happy Studying!

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