Travelling with Kids: Experience, Exposure, and a Way of life!

family travelling with kids

With the wanderlust being an all-time high among travellers, the tourism industry is definitely soaring & reaping benefits. Indian tourism is benefitted from not just foreigners but from our own people’s travel plans too. Because of busy work schedules around the year, and lack of family time, there has been an exponential increase in the number of families taking a family holiday. Such a trip breaks the monotony of life and sets a harmonious tone with all.

For some, it’s a rejuvenation, for some a way to spend time with their family. Few go on a pilgrimage, few visit tourist’s spots. But majority times, such trips happen along with young travellers.

Whenever we are travelling with kids, we are giving them something that can never be taken away – experience, exposure, and a way of life!

Seeing new places, meeting new people and new experiences sets an educative tone in the kids. And such an exposure teaches adaptability and co-existing values to a kid.

Don’t just tell your children about the world. Show them!!

family with kids playing in tourist spot

But travelling with kids is neither as simple as it sounds nor as complex as we think. We have all seen all kinds of little travellers. Be it energetic and excited ones who are eager and at times over-eager too. Be it cheerful and friendly ones, who make new friends and spread smiles wherever they go. Or be it the unhappy travellers, who for some reason are always crying and uncomfortable. There is one more type the dreaded- tantrum-throwers. Well, yes with kids, you have to be pro-active & energetic at all the time, but still, you don’t need to be an adrenaline junkie to travel with kids!

mother showing her kids some wonderful scenic

The next time you are travelling with kids, keep in mind these few suggestions. The idea is – kids to enjoy the journey in a happy yet safe & holistic environment. These will not only keep your little traveller enthusiastic yet calm and busy too.

  • Just go. Don’t keep your plans hanging. You and your kids both need a break from the repetitious lifestyle.
  • Stop panicking so much. Kids are known to adapt to new settings very easily. Let them be and don’t over think.
  • Make a list of needed stuff and pack accordingly in a planned manner.
  • Plan your mode of travel as per child’s comfort.
  • Teach your kids co-travelling mannerisms. Basic dos & don’ts of travelling in public.
  • Plan your travel keeping in mind about the kid’s mealtime or sleep time. What luxury would be if the child is comfortable and sleeps the whole time?
  • Pack colours, board games, puzzles, storybooks and children’s magazine to keep the inquisitive one occupied.
  • Let them be independent. Let them carry their own carry bags with their favourite beverages, snacks and a toy.
  • Explain the journey to your child- about travel plans to the destination. This makes the kid excited and he looks forward to the trip.
  • You be in a good mood. Don’t be finicky and keep yelling at the child. It’s a vacation and everyone deserves to be happy.
  • Answer their questions.  Let the explorer free and let them learn.

kids playing in the sea shore

Travel the world with your children! Because not everything can be taught in the four-walls of their home or school.

Let their minds roam and grasp new stuff. Let them see and experience!

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