Unique Diwali Celebrations in different parts of India

Diwali is the main festival in India which is celebrated by almost all of us. It is called the festival of lights. And it is considered that all the Diwali lights wash away the darkness inside us. But Diwali celebration is unique in different regions of India. So by travelling throughout India you can explore different ways of celebrating Diwali and also it will fulfil your wanderlust.

  1. Varanasi:

Varanasi really lights up in the Diwali season every year. So many tourists go there in their holidays and they also the enlighted Diyas in the Ganges and the Ganges looks just like the sky full of stars at that time. To complement these the special Arati and Fireworks take place also and the whole town gets illuminated by those things. And all the people who come to Varanasi expect some blessings from God and the enlightenment takes place by those Diyas.

  1. Goa:

If you want some gambling along with your Diwali celebration then Goa is the best place for you. Goa has some unique way to celebrate this auspicious occasion. Besides the gambling station you can also join the Narakasura burning ceremony in the town. It is similar to the Ravan Dahan celebrated in Delhi on Dussehra. The place all about Lord Krishna killing Narakasura. it also denotes the purification of soul and removal of Darkness from life. Show the mixture of rituals and gameplay is a perfect combo for the Diwali season.

  1. Kolkata:

Kolkata is the city of joy and also the city of festivals. The people in Kolkata believes that they have 13 festivals in 12 months. So they are always enthusiastic to celebrate all the occasions. In Diwali Kolkata also enlighten all of its corners with Diyas and Fairy lights. And also this time they worship the goddess Kali and burn fireworks. It is a time in the year when everyone of this town become utopic regarding the festivals.

  1. Madurai:

Madurai is the city of temples and Meenakshi temple is the most famous among all of them. In Diwali, the total Temple is decorated with a lot of lights and most importantly with Rangoli of different colours. All the people are welcome in this Temple during the Diwali time and they also enjoy the colourful beauty of Meenakshi temple at that time.

  1. Gujarat tribals:

The tribal people of Gujarat celebrate Diwali in their own way and they also welcome all the visitors to their tribal area with cordial feeling. you will get the chance to be with them during the Diwali season and also help them in their daily quotes and also specially rangoli making. And it is kind of a lifetime experience for all the visitors in that area.


So this was a small list of the places where unique way of Diwali celebration is done. And you will have lifelong experience if you visit these places in the fire station of Diwali. So enjoy your Diwali with different people in our country.


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