Unique Places in India that are Unheard yet Unbelievable!

Unique Places in India that are Unheard yet Unbelievable!

Our country is filled with fables, experiences, traditions, legends and positivity. Maybe that’s why the tagline of “Incredible India” is just apt. India has something to offer to each and every kind of wanderlust- Be it spiritual pilgrimage or romantic holiday spots, be it beachy vacations or hilly terrains for hikers. Be it historically rich places or scenic wonders, we have so many options to explore.

But if you are one of those, who look for “something different” and want unique experiences, then these places should be on your getaways list. They are peculiar yet incredible, unnoticed and unmapped. Also, I can guarantee, most of them would come as surprise to you.

See for yourself! These 12 eccentric yet wonders of our country. How many of these have you heard of?

1) Shani Shingapur (Maharashtra) –

a house in Shani Signapur without gate

Image Source

The speciality of this village is that all the houses in the entire village are without doors and locks. The place proudly boosts of- no theft and no police station! It surely teaches one the lesson of honesty and trustworthiness.

2) Shetphal (Maharashtra) –

children playing with snakes

Co-existing at another level. Villagers, here, have SNAKES in every family as their members. No words!

3) Hiware Bazaar (Maharashtra) –

Hiware bazar

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This one is truly the richest village in India. With over 60 millionaires in the village, no one is rich or poor. Moreover, the village has the highest GDP.

4) Punsari (Gujrat) –

Solar panels in village

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Tagged as “Model modern village of India”, this one boasts of not just electricity but is completely solar powered. Moreover, all houses are equipped with CCTV and WI-Fi.

5) Jambur (Gujrat) –

African children playing in Jambur

Image Source

Africa in India! All the natives look like Africans but they belong to the Siddi community of India. Amazing right!

6) Kuldhara (Rajasthan) –

Haunted village

Image Source

Abandoned and haunted villages. Folklore suggests of some curse upon the village that made everyone leave the place. No one lives there now. Spooky!

7) Kodinhi (Kerela) –

Two twins in the village

Image Source

This one is a true wonder and a mystery for researchers. A village with over 400 set of twins. It is also called “Village of twins”. Strange, isn’t it?!

8) Mattur (Karnataka) –

persons sitting on mat

Image Source

A village which is still in touch with our roots. This one is 100% Sanskrit speaking population. The language is spoken casually as well as formally even in normal day to day conversation.

9) Barwaan Kala (Bihar) –

Unmarried locals in village

Image Source

A bachelor town! No one has married in this village for 50 years now, so it’s a village of bachelors only.

10) Mawlynnong (Meghalaya) –

house in a clean village

Image Source – Government Department of North East Tourism

This place is known for two reasons. One, the cleanest village of Asia and second, they have this incredible huge rock balancing itself on a tiny rock. Wonders galore!

11) Rongdoi (Assam) –

2 frogs getting married

Image Source

The villagers here believe that getting frogs married will get the village rains & prosperity. So, frog marriage is held there occasionally with full pomp and show. Bizarre enough?

12) Korlai, Raigad (Maharashtra) –

Fort in the centre of the village

Image Source

The only village in India where everyone communicates in Portuguese. Huh!

Amazed right? Our country is a Pandora box of treasure, just go and explore!

Until then keep Giggling!

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