Know about the courageous Indian fighter pilots who strive to ‘touch the sky with glory.’

    Indian fighter pilots

    Soldiers, are definitely a league apart but fighter pilots…they have a league of their own!

    Have you ever seen a fighter jet? Cruising through the sky leaving behind just oodles of dust, smoke and thunders of sound! What are the words that comes to your mind when you think of a fighter jet? Magnificent, powerful, state-of-the-art, admirable but deadly as well. Such a commanding mean machine that it gathers not only attention and respect but at times jealousy and laments of others too. Now think of the tamers of such dominant steel-birds! The Indian Fighter Pilots!  

    “The engine is undoubtedly the heart of a jet, but the pilot is its soul.”

    Oh! What do I tell you about these breed of humans?! Believe me, when I say they are creamiest of the lot because I know one very up close. They are definitely superheroes in uniform! Being in such a profession where they need to give in their best each and every time they fly, even it being several times a day, they love it and don’t break a sweat over it! Needless to say, these men & women push their limits and defeat death many a times. Unquestionably, they are a cut above all!

    Few attributes that would describe these fly boys are – Valour, integrity, pride, honour, comradeship, decisiveness, patriotism, respect, precision, micro-managing, positive yet arrogant attitude & the knack to take life-altering and at times life-threatening decisions in micro-seconds, utmost professionalism, punctuality and so many more.

    Indian fighter pilots IAF
    Image Credit: India Today
    How are Indian Fighter Pilots trained ?

    What you doing as an 18-19 year old? Giving exams, thinking of what to do next, which stream to choose, trying to get your crush to go on a date with you or simply enjoying life?

    Now imagine a 19 year old dedicatedly starting his gruesome training in his strive to join the prestigious lot. They join National Defence Academy (NDA) right after finishing their 12th class. After a 3 year intensive training, once after chosen their respective service, they take on their training.

    The ones who take up Air force further undergo a year plus training at Air Force Academy (AFA), wherein they are taught basics of the art of flying. The test of grit, perservence, passion and hard-work doesn’t stop here. They continue learning the tricks & trades of aviation throughout their career.  A Indian fighter pilots trains each and every day! Each and every flight of theirs is a test for their learning!

    How difficult it is to be an Indian Fighter Pilot ?

    According to a research, the most stressful job in our country is of a fighter pilot followed by army soldiers. Meticulousness and expertise level required is of supreme level. They train and train hard, day and night, continuously to refine their skills. Erratic work hours – no fixed hours (they fly day and night), high level of efficiency required, no family life – when the call of duty comes they leave behind their family, shift bases (so many times in their career), repetitive practice to hone the skills, and most important, they courageously step forward when required!

    So, next time you meet a Indian Fighter Pilot or their family, acknowledge and appreciate. What the pilots or their families are doing for your safety, you can never do the same for them!

    “For you are living your life because they are guarding the skies…!”

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